Ambielectric is a system of professional atmosphere for flavoring large spaces and neutralizing odors. In 2015, Ambielectric, runs alongside Juan Vicente García.

Unión Alcoyana


Unión Alcoyana contributes with tranquility and safety of that all new projects will have successfully. The insurer is next to the sport.


Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine

Through osteopathy, our physiotherapists Alexis Dolça, Jordi Reig and Juanma Millán are responsible for ensuring that Vicente Juan's physical strength is always in perfect condition. Our main goal is to prevent injury and reduce recovery times.

Loggo Branding

Design and Brand Creation

Specialised in design and branding. The Vicente Juan brand does not only consist of the initials V and J, it is also based on sacrifice, personal improvement and victory.

Sinaia Marketing Solutions

Head of communications

Translator of efforts, thoughts and word challenges. Day after day, we are in charge of transmitting and communicating all the news surrounding Juan Vicente; both in online media and press releases. About training, the race and on social life.

Paolo Casana De Lucca

Operations Manager in Forever Franchising Group

Relations with management and sponsors. My task is to enable all projects Vicente Juan thanks to the cooperation and effort of our sponsors materialize.

Photographer Francés


Photography and being a photographer, I don't consider it a job. Many years ago I made my passion of being a photographer my life. My intention is to leave behind a bit of me in Vicente Juan.

Ugedafita Branding Strategy

Design, applications and web technology.

Ugedefita is a strategic agency in the field of communications. We are responsible for the image of VJG on the Internet and on other graphic applications. "We create efficient campaigns that achieve cost-effective results".